Jenna’s back on our screens!

Yayy! Jenna Louise Coleman is back on our screens with the latest series of Doctor who. It’s good to have her back on screen.

Doctor Who

For anyone who’s not been watching the latest series, I highly recommend you give it a try, even just to see Jenna in action with her new role as the Doctors Apprentice – it’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

Catch up

You can catch up on her latest episodes with the BBC Iplayer. Here’s a link

How’s she doing?

Let us know how you think she’s doing in her current role. Leave us a comment or get in touch!


Help needed!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to those avid followers out there. You can see we’ve not posted in a considerable amount of time now, so we’re looking for some help!

If you have a passion for:

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If you’re interested in any of the above, even if it’s just one of the 4 points – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

What we’re looking for

Just a quick overview for anyone who’s interested. We’re looking for someone to post something related to the above at least once a week, all you have to do is write a 300-600 word post once a week.
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Jenna & Doctor Who Update – 21/12/2012

Well ti’s the season to be jolly and we all have something to be super jolly for… Jenna Louise Coleman brightening our TV’s this Christmas Day with her presence! Jenna will be making her next appearance on the show sometime during the Christmas special at 5:15 pm and we are all looking forward to seeing Jenna in action!

Some interesting points about the episode:

  • A NEW Tardis will be introduced
  •  A new theme tune!
  • New companion

Take a look at this minisode created to whet your appetites until the special:


Along with a trailer for the episode:



Jenna Coleman – A quick update

HI guys, just a quick update on The website is obviously far from finished, we just wanted to keep everybody in the loop!

No new news for Jenna Coleman this week, aside from the excitement of her new upcoming role in Doctor Who.

I know I’m seriously excited to see her in full swing especially after the taster three weeks ago!

If you have any news on Jenna, please get in touch – I’m sure we’ll find a place for it on the site :-)

Enjoy your week and pop back regularly for the latest on Jenna Louise Coleman!